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Saint Leo the Great School
550 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738
Phone: 732-741-3133 Fax: 732-741-2241

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The primary mission of the Saint Leo the Great Parish School Advisors is to develop, implement, monitor, evaluate and revise the strategic plan for the school. The strategic plan will embody the vision and the mission of Saint Leo the Great School. In addition, the strategic plan will contain the goals and action plans for Catholic Identity, enrollment, marketing, public relations, educational programs, finances, development and facilities as well as campus safety and security.


The Advisors have delegated responsibility, gathers in the spirit of the Gospel to promote, sustain and ensure the ministry of quality Catholic education and formation. This is accomplished by providing vision, leadership, and accountability in collaboration with the diocese and local administrators as well as key representatives of the school, parish and business community. This is further achieved by making informed and deliberative decisions in designated areas and proposing recommendations in other areas to the Pastor or his delegate who makes the final decision.

Membership, Appointments and Terms of Office

The Saint Leo the Great Parish School Advisors is comprised of  members appointed by the Pastor and Principal.  Members will represent the parent and parish community. Members of the PTA, Finance Committee, church and administration are to be included in this advisory role.

There are opportunities for interested parishioners to serve as “at large” members of some of the committees listed above. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities please e-mail us at

Responsibilities of the Parish Advisors

An Advisory Committee in the Diocese of Trenton is a body whose members are selected to participate in the decision-making process in delegated areas of responsibility. A parish school is part of the educational mission of the parish for which the pastoral leadership is responsible. Administrative responsibilities are delegated to the school principal and the School Advisors who are accountable to the pastoral leadership of the parish and to the diocese.

Delegated responsibilities of the parish school advisors include the following:

Consult on a long range strategic plan for the school

Be accountable for the fiscal viability of the school

Monitor programs to ensure that the values of the school's philosophy are clearly reflected in the co-curricular and academic programs

Review policies and procedures in terms of state law and regulations

Monitor the facilities in terms of safety, fire and health codes

Consult on  a marketing and public relations plan for the school

Provide input on a comprehensive development plan that includes diverse activities and programs to promote the school