Saint Leo the Great School
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Last week our students launched our Positivity Project by discussing why Other People Matter. Throughout the week, discussions and activities were implemented within each classroom.  This week’s character trait is CURIOSITY.  As a child, being curious is a natural process of development. It allows them (and us) the opportunity to seek answers to any questions they may have. This desire to better understand, sparks the path for increased knowledge and wisdom. For more information about CURIOSITY please click here or visit

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The Saint Leo’s Cafeteria moves at a fast and efficient pace. We provide your child with two ways to buy lunch. First is our recommended Preorder Lunch & second is our  A La Carte Lunch .


Preorder lunch 

This option allows you to custom make a lunch for your child by choosing items from our preorder list. These items will be packed in a bag labeled with your child’s name and will be ready for them at their scheduled lunch giving your child more time to eat. 

Note: Preorder lunch will need to be placed no later than the night before by 11:59 pm.

A La Carte lunch

This option allows your child to make their own lunch choices.

Note: Parent wishing their child not to have certain items for lunch, please take advantage of our preorder lunch.


Our school uses for preorder and online account management. By creating a parent account on you can:

  • Deposit funds that can be used for Preorder lunch or A La Carte lunch.
  • You can track lunch time purchases for the past 30 days.
  • Preorder lunch and see what you have already ordered.

To set up myschoolaccount see link below