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Last week our students launched our Positivity Project by discussing why Other People Matter. Throughout the week, discussions and activities were implemented within each classroom.  This week’s character trait is CURIOSITY.  As a child, being curious is a natural process of development. It allows them (and us) the opportunity to seek answers to any questions they may have. This desire to better understand, sparks the path for increased knowledge and wisdom. For more information about CURIOSITY please click here or visit

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Instant Alert System

Honeywell Instant Alert Information

Keeping families informed in a timely manner helps to ensure student safety and improve student success. With today’s busy
lifestyles, it has become more difficult for schools to reach families quickly and effectively. Saint Leo the Great School uses
the Honeywell Instant Alert System to alert parents and staff to school closing due to inclement weather, early dismissal
(unplanned), emergency situations (school closures, evacuations, etc.), cancellations of after school events, transportation
issues, and school information/activities.

Instant Alert is Internet based allowing each family to maintain a secure, password protected online profile. You can log onto
your profile at any time to update your contact information. Maintaining the accuracy of your profile will increase the ability of
the school to keep you informed. It is your responsibility to enter and update this information.

The following category definitions explain which category will be utilized by the school to alert parents and staff to the various
situations. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather a sampling of the types of notification for each category.

Category Definitions

  • High Importance – School wide issues including emergency closing, delayed openings and early dismissals,
    unreported absence calls, health and safety issue and other urgent notices.

  • School Information – School based events and notices such as Back to School Nights, Parent Teacher Conferences,
    weather related after school activity/sport cancellations.

  • Activities – Club, sport activities and PTA events.

  • General – Miscellaneous notifications.

  • Text Only – Most of our notifications are in this form. You will not receive a phone call rather the message will be
    sent via Text message and email.

Remember, you will not get an alert if you are not part of one of the notification groups listed above.

Parent User Instructions

Register and create your account

  1. Click on ‘Parent’ in the New User box.
  2. Complete the student information form. Click ‘Submit’.
  3. Complete the corresponding screen. Click ‘Submit’.
  4. After receiving the confirmation message, click ‘Proceed’ to get started with Instant Alert.
  5. Remember your Login Name and Password so you may use it to update your profile.

Configure alert settings

  1. Click on ‘Alert Setup.’
  2. Click on the check boxes to select which alert type you would like to have sent to which device. Click on ‘Save’ when
  3. If you would like to add another contact device, select the device type and enter the device details. Select the person to
    whom the device belongs and click on ‘Add’.
  4. For e-mail, text messaging and pagers you may add contact information of other caretakers of your
    children such as a grandparent or neighbor.

The system is now ready for you to access at .

Additional Functions

Click on ‘Alert History’ to view Alerts that have been sent to you. Use the calendar icons and ‘Alert Type’ list
to filter the Alerts.

For Assistance:
If you need assistance with your profile, please send an email to